Monday, 7 August 2017

Raksha Bhandan

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Today I am telling you about a special Indian celebration for the sister and brother. This is called Raksha Bhandan. It is a widely celebrated Indian Festival. It is a bracelet type thing that the sister/cousin sister ties around the brother hand. This is made from a thread. As I grew up I tied this on my brother. We call it special thread of love. This is very soft but very beautiful. The Rakhi has designs which can be made from different things such as beads and diamonds. When the sister ties the Rakhi on the brother the brother gives the sister a gift and promises to protect her no matter. If the sister wants to then she can give him a gift. At the end of the day Raksha Bhandan is a very nice celebration. My dad has so many sisters so he ends up with like an arm full of Rakhis.  Raksha means defence or protect and Bhandan is when something is tied. Raksha Bhandan is one of my favorite times in the year. It is a very good time to get along with people you have met for a while and also a time for you to have fun. The process of Raksha Bhandan is simple. In an Indian Dish which we call Thali you lite a camphor in a diya and put in on the thali. Also on the thali there should be a little bit of rice and cendoor (which is this red powder which you then put water into it which makes it able to be touched and put on to the forehead). Another thing is Indian sweets. The main thing that needs to be on there is the Rakhi. First while the fire is lit you need to take the plate and circle it around the brothers face. Then you need to apply the cendoor, quickly get some rice and apply to the cendoor on the forehead. After that you put the thali down and get the rakhi, you tie it around the hand and put sweets in their mouth. After that you touch their feet which is for a blessing and hug them. Finally we get the presents.


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