Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Art of chicks!

Bula Bloggers,

Today I showed Miss Fortes a piece of my art that I did. This art was about the chicks and I ended up drawing all of them! Miss Fortes said "that's really cool, can you please post it on your blog?". So I said "Sure!". The reason I did this art was so that I would remember the wonderful chicks we had and all those memories. When I was doing this I felt sad and excited. The reason I felt sad was because the chicks have left us to go and live their own independent life. But the reason I was excited was because I wanted to see my masterpiece! This drawing of mine means a lot! We have had the chicks for to week but we are so attracted to them. Every morning I come to school going up the steep ramp and saying in my head, time to see some chicks! Then I see a library corner. Oh and then I remember our chicks have left. Eventually, I will stop (maybe), but I love these chicks! This is probably not the best art I have done but is one of my many favourite art! Enjoy the pictures!

Vinaka Vaka Levu,


Carlos and Cameron

Crystal & Kiwi with a C


All together

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Blog Commenting

Bula Blog World,

If you have never visited my blog my name is Shreya. Today for Cybersmart Mr Hopkins came in! We did some blog commenting. I worked on a girl called Nitlicha's blog. She is from Owiraka. Here is a screencasitfy that I have made for you guys to see! Enjoy the clip! Also if you would like to see my presentation it is underneath the video!


Thursday, 17 August 2017

Student Led Toolkits!

Bula Bloggers,

Today I wasn't in school... I was at New Windsor Primary with a few other attendees and presenters from my school. We went into the massive auditorium to find our that soon we will be doing the coding challenge. Joseph and Zaria went up as a representative from our school to do this challenge. We met the new Sphero and they gto to test it out and have a challenge between the other school. Then we had the teachers challenge other teachers! It was awesome. We had our morning tea and then started with the toolkits. I went to Tinkercad for session one. Tinkercad is a website which you can use to print 3d things. You have to print it in a 3d printer. Luckily Miss Fortes has got one! Tinkercad was very fun and I made a design. Something I found challenging was the angels because they kept turning and I think I need to practice a little bit  more. Now it is time for Our Group to present. We are doing animating your name using coding, which we like to call Code-tastrophy. Something I found challenging is getting it all done and also the wifi was hard to use because 200 students were using it. Unfortunately, we couldn't finish but we did get somewhere. I told everyone they have this presentation so they can do it themselves if they need help then they can visit my blog and I will post a screencastify to help them! Something I would improve on is the slides and make them a little shorter so we can finish in time. We did do half of it but didn't finish. One of the session I wanted to go to but couldn't because it was the same time as mine was Soundtrap. Fortunately, I had a couple of friends who went and they taught  me some cool jams! Today was a great day! A big thank you to all the transportation people such as : Miss Fortes, Ms Campbell and Aisea's mum! You guys are awesome! Thank you to the funny and amazing New Windsor school for planning and hosting such and awesome time. I met so many new people are learnt so much from them. On Soundtrap if you want to give it a go it's really fun! I suggest to go on piano and type in these notes z c b all together, x v n all together , n m separate. You can figure out new things. I really enjoyed this day and enjoyed meeting new people. Did you know we got to see one of the teachers who used to teach in our school!

Vinaka Vaka Levu,

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Day 3 with THE CHICKS!

Bula Bloggers,

This is day three with the chicks. Enjoy my diary day 3 !

I walked to school so excited to see what happened to the eggs. I thought one was hatched but I cam to find out that... THERE WAS 3! There was one girl and 2 boys. We named them  'Chica, Carlos and Camroon'.  Fehi, Aryan and I sat by the incubator for a long long time. We were waiting for the egg at the front to hatch but meanwhile the one at the back hatched! That was before cyber smart though! After morning tea when Miss Berry was talking about science books one hatched! We now have 5 chicks! The inside of the incubator has eggs shells everywhere. The eggs are always active and then they fall asleep. After 5 minutes they wake up and keep playing. We are very excited to see what happens. I wish the rest of the eggs hatch today or tomorrow. Did you know they all can stand and walk? Next we will need to move the chicks into the incubator. Here are some pictures! Enjoy!
Top view of the incubator with 6 chicks! Chica, Carlos, Camroon, Crystal, Tyson and Coco!
The morning 3 chicks! Carlos, Camroon and Chica

The chicks sitting and looking around in the incubator! Carlos, Camroon, Chica, Crystal and Tyson! 

Vinaka Vaka Levu,


Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Day 2 with THE CHICKS!

Bula Bloogers,

Today was day 2 with the chicks. This is my observational diary so far.

I couldn't wait to to come to school to see the chicks. I thought one of the eggs would have hatched. I came to find out that it hadn't hatched but Miss Berry said " I  heard the egg chirp". We got excited! It chirped again the morning. I saw more chicks pipping. We will be excited if it hatch tomorrow. I predict the egg that was cracked first. I think that it is a girl. Also today we had some great news from room 5 and room 9. They had chicks. We went to see Miss Tau's chick. It is a girl. She is very cute but is shivering! We are very excited! 

Monday, 14 August 2017

Day 1 with THE CHICKS!

Bula Bloggers,

Today we had some very exciting news... WE HAVE  CHICKS. They are eggs at the moment but are due on Wednesday. A big thank you to living eggs who have given us these wonderful eggs. Henderson class is very excited to see what happens. We discussed all the parts of a Incubator and a Brooder. The incubator keep the eggs and chick warm when they are hatching or sleeping. Once two eggs have hatched you gently put them into the brooder which should be ready for them. You need to clean the brooder everyday and top up the water in the incubator. We have groups for that. We talked about the very big responsibility we have. That's what I like to call and egg-sponsiblity! The eggs look awesome and one has a crack. That means it is pipping. In the brooder there is a 60waats light bulb so that it can keep the chicks warm. It has wood shavings under need so they have a place to sleep. We give them food in the morning and before we leave. We are very excited for this opportunity! Take a look a picture!

Ka Ki Ti,