Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Poem about Rotoroa

Guten Tag blog world,
Last week the year 6 and 5 classrooms went to Rotoroa Island. You might be wondering why? Well, we went there to study the protective of our animals. We found out all sorts of things. The next day we started writing stories, and poems. Me and Joseph Chavez were the only ones that wrote poems. Here is my poem. Please give me some positive thoughtful and helpful comments.


  1. Hi Shreya,
    I really like your poem also when you said it. I don't really have any questions or feedback. Overall I rate it 10 wekas out of 10 wekas.

    Blog you later,
    By Joseph C

    1. Hi Joseph,
      Thank you for the weka-tastic comment. Thank you for rating it so I know that I have done a great job.