Monday, 25 May 2015

My Saturn Information Report

Information Report

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Success Criteria
Clear categories with subtitles- Yes
Use questions to hook the reader in the introduction-Yes

Use sentences and paragraphs - Yes

Use facts to inform the reader-Yes

Use different sentence starters-Yes

Use VCOP-Yes

Start writing here…


Saturn is a massive planet.
Do you know about Saturn?
If you don’t this, is the report for you.

Saturn is approximately 856 million miles that is so far! Saturn is the 2th biggest planet in the Solar System.Also Saturn is approximately 856 million miles wide.


Did you know Saturn is named after the Roman God of agriculture.Also Saturday is named after the Roman God.

Saturn has rings and those rings are made out of ice crystal and rocks and dust.Saturn’s rings are famous for Saturn and Saturn’s rings are the only rings we can see.The rings are thousands of kilometers wide.
Saturn is a surly Planet because of the rings the rings go right around Saturn.

Life in Saturn
Life in Saturn is not that nice.Although Saturn looks nice.
I hope you have learned a lot of things about Saturn.Now you know things about Saturn.


  1. Morena Shreya,
    I like the way you hook the reader of your question and also you have interesting facts and information also you do know very much information about Saturn

    1. Hi Hulita,
      Thank you. Any feedback?

  2. Hi Shreya
    I like your information report about Saturn.But you used the same sentence starter in the same paragraph maybe next time your next step is to not write the same sentence starter. Your writing was anwsome.
    From Tai

  3. Hi Tai,
    Thank you for telling me my next step,I will do this next step in my Sun information report.
    From Shreya