Sunday, 31 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey 3!

Kia Ora Bloggers,

I am back with another Summer Learning Journey! Here it is! Enjoy!

The More, the Merrier !

Hello Everyone,

I am the middle child in this family of nine children! Obviously I'm Stuck in The Middle! I mean I don't mind this big family but sometimes it can be pretty annoying. Having hand me downs are the worst especially if they are from long. I don't really like this family because I am always the one that has to deal with the problems! Sometimes things can get out of hand but then things will get back into hand. I think being in a big family has given me opportunities to do things and also experience different feelings.

Acknowledging Ancestry

This is my different Pepeha that I prepared by my self! Enjoy!

Tenei Te Pepeha

Nō Fiji āhau
Kō Kavandra  tōku maunga
Kō moana nui a Kiwa
Kō Ba tōku motu
Kō Fiji tōku haapū
Kō  Durga Temple tōku marae
Kō Hay park School  tōku kura
Kō  Whaea Campbell  taku tumuaki
Kō Shally Reddy  tōku māmā
Kō Salva  Reddy tōku Pāpā
Kō Shreya Reddy  taku ingoa

Activity 3
My Brother
My Mum
My Dad

My Brother: Some facts about my brother is basically hes annoying but the two facts that stand out about him are ; he loves playing soccer so much he moves when he sleeps, his favourite colour is only and will be only green

My Mum: My mum is a very crafty person but she likes to clean lots. My mothers favourite colour is Maroon.

My Dad : My Dad is by far the smartest and most intelligent person in the world! He's Albert Einstein. My Dad's favourite subject is Literacy and writing just like me. My Dad's favourite sport is soccer just like my brother (and lets just say he's an amazing cook :)! )

Summer Learning Journey 2!

Kia Ora Bloggers,

Hope your enjoying the summer holidays! Here is part two of my Summer Learning Journey!

House or Home?

The wharepuni looks way different to my house because we have stairs and the house is not a down house its quite high. Something the houses have in common is that they both have roofs that look quite sturdy. The patterns on the wharepuni don't look like something I have ever seen on a house.

Activity 2
My dreams jobs. Here is a drawing explaining some stuff about my dream job! Enjoy!

I love to eat and I am such a foodie! I love to try new things no matter what they look like. Sometimes I don't eat things just because of religious things but other then that I try everything. I have been asked to share a recipe that I like and this one is a Indian Chicken Curry which is absolutely delicious so enjoy the recipe and you can check out the presentation on my blog!

You will need these following ingredients :

Turmeric Powder
Sesame Seeds
Salt (to taste)
Curry Leaves
Garlic and Ginger (mashed together)

Cut the bones with a chopper not to small and not to big. Make sure you peel the garlic and use about 6-7 cloves. Mash the garlic and ginger together. Mash the ginger and garlic together with two chillies. Start to fry some onion with sesame seeds and curry leave. Make sure they are fried with two or three drops of oil. Put the rest of the ingredients in with the fried mixture. Soon this will be done! This will taste delicious! Here is a photo of your finishing product. You can eat this goodness with rice or roti (chipati)! Enjoy!