Monday, 14 December 2015

2015 In Flox Class

Well, it's come to the end of 2015. This day ( Monday) is the saddest day of my life because 4 teacher are leaving and they are really close to my heart. It was hard to be saying ' goodbye' but changes happen. When I was singing I was about to cry seeing the teachers ( Mrs Curtis, Mrs Kingston, Mrs Wright & Mrs German) crying. But goodbye isn't end . It simply means I'll miss you until we see again. It was hard not crying , but I was fine. Thank you to the 4 teacher for helping even though I wasn't in your class. You ladies have been pleasure to Hay Park. We didn't enjoy seeing but I hope you ladies are excited for your new schools.

Flox 2015 ( BEST CLASS EVER)

My best friend

I have improved lots. The best things I have improved on are Reading , Writing and Maths. I have improved in leadership and technology. It was bit tough and challenging but it was fun. Improving for me was awesome.

I know that I have achieved more than 100% because I have achieved my goals and am ready to take on more things. Being a year 4 in a year 5 class was pretty difficult, but being with my friends and having them help was awesome.

Warmest Greetings,

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Interesting Facts

WALT: write 1 interesting fact about up in the air.

In Flox Class we have been doing  self guided and  I have done I favorite fact, and blog about it. My fact is in the doc there, please take a look.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Remember Poetry

It's almost the end of the year, so Flox Class have been doing a remember poetry I have done mine on CAMP! It was such a highlight.
I hope you like my poem.

Boyznbikes Motorbike Gears

WALT: Find the places on a motorcycle and label them.

In Flox Class we have been reading a book called ' Boyznbikes" we have also been labeling some of the places on a motorcycle. Here is my copy.


Thursday, 26 November 2015

WALT: Use precise nouns to add detail for our reader.

This week in writing we have been using precise nouns to make our writing more specific for the reader.
Something I found hard was changing the nouns to precise nouns. My next steps are to think deeper.
We took a paragraph and changed the nouns from general nouns to precise nouns.

Here is an example.

In the weekend I had to do lots of shopping with my Mum. We went to the shop   dairy to get some food  rose apple lollies. We also went to look for a present for my cousin’s birthday. I had to choose between a doll american doll  and a soft toy  cute teddy bear. After that we went to the shop mall to buy some clothes, I got two new items new jeans and a pair of shoes. Because I had been so good, mum took me to the shop to buy an ice block Popsicle . Lucky me!

Blog you later!