Monday, 1 January 2018

Summer Learning Journey 4 !

Kia Ora Bloggers,

Happy New Year! A great start to 2018 would be to start with another Summer Learning Journey Activity! Here it comes.....

I was a part of the Hay Park Kapa Haka and it was amazing to see what we achieved in such short time. I have many favourite waiata but my Hay Park Favourite that we made would have to be Papa rehai O hai... My favourite one that everyone knew at school was E to Matou Atua which is really special to our Whaea!

Activity 2

I liked watching all the videos and finding out more! I already knew how to make a Poi so that one was probably 2nd. My favourite game would probably have to be Poi Rakau. Here are the instructions on how to play... 

Poi Rakau
The purpose of the game is to get around the circle and not drop any Rakau. The leader calls to go left or right in a circle and you have to run and catch the Rakau. You can not dig it into the floor. I have been asked to share two rules here they are : 1 person in the middle of the group passes out to the circle.
If the  person passes with their right hand, then the catcher must catch with their left hand and pass to the next person on their left, that person passes back to the middle. Other actions can be added, such as leg lifts or head tilts and the catcher must copy Noises can also be added Jumping actions or clapping before the catch.

Time to rank some performances from Kapa Haka. Let's Go!

1: Tamatea Arikinui at Te Matini : because they sang in very bold ways and their transitions were amazing. The girls and their poi made me speechless! The boys and their singing support was awesome!

2: Te Puku O Te Ika : Their singing was top notch because they were so bold and actually weren't just singing because they were old to. The looks on their faces made it seem like they were enjoying it and they wanted to do it.

3: Te Iti Kahurangi : Their singing was great but it was really noisy and they didn't all sing together. They were good though!