Wednesday, 29 July 2015


I am most exited to be with my friends and doing all the activities.I am most nervous about sailing, I think camp will be fun and awesome and very hard and challenging but I will try my best.I will have a lot of questions and I will do more climbing.I am also nervous about surfing and falling in to the water and then getting up because the water might be cold.


  1. Hi Shreya,
    I like how you tell what were you doing in camp,and also which activities you have done at camp.
    What was the fun part in camp?
    From Cicilia

    1. HI Cicilia,
      The fun part for me was surfing and archery. I liked surfing because I stood on the board and fell. I liked archery because it was fun hitting the bulls-eye.

  2. Hi shreya
    I am so excited about being with my friends and doing the activities.what is your favourite activities?my one is going to be surfing like surfing because so i can lern some skills when i grow up.
    From Mark Apulu