Sunday, 31 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey 2!

Kia Ora Bloggers,

Hope your enjoying the summer holidays! Here is part two of my Summer Learning Journey!

House or Home?

The wharepuni looks way different to my house because we have stairs and the house is not a down house its quite high. Something the houses have in common is that they both have roofs that look quite sturdy. The patterns on the wharepuni don't look like something I have ever seen on a house.

Activity 2
My dreams jobs. Here is a drawing explaining some stuff about my dream job! Enjoy!

I love to eat and I am such a foodie! I love to try new things no matter what they look like. Sometimes I don't eat things just because of religious things but other then that I try everything. I have been asked to share a recipe that I like and this one is a Indian Chicken Curry which is absolutely delicious so enjoy the recipe and you can check out the presentation on my blog!

You will need these following ingredients :

Turmeric Powder
Sesame Seeds
Salt (to taste)
Curry Leaves
Garlic and Ginger (mashed together)

Cut the bones with a chopper not to small and not to big. Make sure you peel the garlic and use about 6-7 cloves. Mash the garlic and ginger together. Mash the ginger and garlic together with two chillies. Start to fry some onion with sesame seeds and curry leave. Make sure they are fried with two or three drops of oil. Put the rest of the ingredients in with the fried mixture. Soon this will be done! This will taste delicious! Here is a photo of your finishing product. You can eat this goodness with rice or roti (chipati)! Enjoy!


  1. Hola Shreya,

    I like that you have noticed the intricate patterns on the wharepuni as being different from your house. Perhaps next time you could add a picture of your house and a wharepuni so that readers can get a better glimpse at the similarities and differences. You have shared three differences and one similarity between your house and a wharepuni, so to get full points please edit your post to include one more similarity.

    I’ve slept in a wharepuni before with a bunch of other people when I went to a really long hui (meeting). Have you ever been in or slept in a wharepuni? If yes, let me know about anything you might’ve noticed about the wharenui you visited.

    Wow, you have a lot of aspirations in life! Thank you for sharing your passions and interests, it’s great seeing young people like you speak passionately about what they want to do in life. I love the image you shared, because the pictures fit the job descriptions you mentioned wonderfully. Had you ever thought about what kind of surgeon you might want to be? There are so many special kinds of surgeons, maybe you might like to think about which you’d like to be, let me know if you find out!

    Your favourite meal looks delicious and really spicy, I like that you have provided clear steps for the preparation and cooking process. Perhaps next time you could include some step by step pictures to go along with the instructions for people who may not be that confident with cooking.
    My favourite curry is chicken curry with carrots and potatoes and usually it’s mildly spicy. I would love to try your recipe sometime and I don’t mind if it’s a little more spicy than my own, but do let me know if this recipe is very spicy!

    On an important note, please ensure that you blog a separate post for each activity so that I can write detailed comments about your awesome work for each activity.

    I hope you are enjoying your holidays and I look forward to reading more of your posts this summer. Keep up the good work!

    Toe feiloa’i fo’i,


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    2. Hey Cia,

      Sorry about the mistake! This recipe isn't spicy because my brother doesn't like spicy things so it's a little under mild, Perfect For Anyone! Thank your feedback and advice! I have never slept in a Wharepuni.... Also I would like to be a Orthopedic Surgeon. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for telling me to check this out Shreya, it looks amazing. I can't wait to make this for dinner. I like how it doesn't involve too many ingredients. I think I might actually be capable of cooking this.
    I'm going to aim for a medium/mild spice, any hotter and I might cry.

    Thanks again!


    1. Hi Billy,

      That is my pleasure. It is my mum and dads recipe mixed together and they bought make this. Good luck Billy!


  3. Kia Ora Shreya,

    Cadence here from the Summer Learning Journey team. Another brilliant post, I see you have managed to complete a heap of activities in this post. Ka pai!

    Activity 1: Great use of the word “Sturdy & patterns”. You’ve done a great job at comparing your house and the Wharepuni.

    Activity 2: Great choices! A surgeon, wow… that’s very impressive! I think that’s awesome you want a job where you can help people. It would be very rewarding! What inspired you to have the dream of becoming a Surgeon?

    Activity 3: Yum, great recipe! Looks delicious! I made my favourite recipe last night: Chocolate self-saucing pudding!
    Thanks for sharing some photos of you making it.

    Keep up the great work!

    Cadence :)

  4. Hi Cadence,

    Thank you for another amazing comment! I love to use different vocabulary so I was really happy when you mentioned it! The dream of a surgeon... Basically when my father was young (around my age) he had a dream of becoming a doctor. He wasn't able to do it due to the sickness of his dad. My father was the head boy at his college and he always won first place! (not bragging :) ) My mum has always had this as a dream too. I decided I want to be a surgeon and I doesn't matter if I am a doctor or something else I will still be proud. Personally, I have had the dream of being an author too! Thank you! Sounds scrumptious!