Sunday, 31 December 2017

Summer Learning Journey 3!

Kia Ora Bloggers,

I am back with another Summer Learning Journey! Here it is! Enjoy!

The More, the Merrier !

Hello Everyone,

I am the middle child in this family of nine children! Obviously I'm Stuck in The Middle! I mean I don't mind this big family but sometimes it can be pretty annoying. Having hand me downs are the worst especially if they are from long. I don't really like this family because I am always the one that has to deal with the problems! Sometimes things can get out of hand but then things will get back into hand. I think being in a big family has given me opportunities to do things and also experience different feelings.

Acknowledging Ancestry

This is my different Pepeha that I prepared by my self! Enjoy!

Tenei Te Pepeha

Nō Fiji āhau
Kō Kavandra  tōku maunga
Kō moana nui a Kiwa
Kō Ba tōku motu
Kō Fiji tōku haapū
Kō  Durga Temple tōku marae
Kō Hay park School  tōku kura
Kō  Whaea Campbell  taku tumuaki
Kō Shally Reddy  tōku māmā
Kō Salva  Reddy tōku Pāpā
Kō Shreya Reddy  taku ingoa

Activity 3
My Brother
My Mum
My Dad

My Brother: Some facts about my brother is basically hes annoying but the two facts that stand out about him are ; he loves playing soccer so much he moves when he sleeps, his favourite colour is only and will be only green

My Mum: My mum is a very crafty person but she likes to clean lots. My mothers favourite colour is Maroon.

My Dad : My Dad is by far the smartest and most intelligent person in the world! He's Albert Einstein. My Dad's favourite subject is Literacy and writing just like me. My Dad's favourite sport is soccer just like my brother (and lets just say he's an amazing cook :)! )


  1. Hey there Shreya, my name is Billy and I am from the Summer Learning Journey programme. It's good to see that you've completed another set of activities.

    I liked reading your thoughts on having nine siblings. I was trying to work out if you actually do have nine siblings or are you just pretending? Either way it's very convincing. You have provided some really thought provoking points about what it would actually be like having so many siblings. I never thought about hand me downs. That would be especially annoying if it came from three or four other siblings before you got to wear it.

    I've enjoyed reading your Pepeha too. Thanks for sharing it! It's impressive that you were able to include so much information, well done!
    What is your favourite line from your Pepeha and why?

    Thank you for posting interesting facts about your family. It sounds as though your brother is addicted to playing soccer, much like myself!

    Your family sounds lovely and caring. You mention that your dad is an amazing cook, what sort of food does he make for dinner?

    I was wondering what two facts you would include about yourself given the chance?

    Thanks, Billy

    1. Hi Billy,

      Thank you for your wonderful comment on my blog. My favourite line from my Pepeha is Ko Durga Temple toko Marae because it tells people about my temple. Thank, my family is really caring like every other family (but way better) ! He basically makes a mixture of different countries. Usually it's Indian but he has once made this amazing dish and it tasted great, it was from Japan! My mum is someone who cooks everyday for us but my dad is the one who makes food sometimes. My mothers cooking is... AMAZING ! Two Facts about me, I love to play Netball and (sometimes) Soccer. I have 305 nail polishes in my room (obviously tided) because I like to collect them but never actually use them.

      Blog You Later,

    2. Hey Shreya, great reply. Thank you for that. It was awesome to read it all. I have enjoyed learning about your parents and their wonderful cooking. You must be very lucky and have wonderful meals.

      I also play netball and soccer. I play indoor netball though, it is awesome. I love it. It's really good for exercise.

      305! That is a crazy amount. I didn't realise there were that many colours! You must have double ups. You should post a photo of them all.

      Do you ever mix colours together to see what you can come up with?

      Blog you later!

  2. Hi Billy,

    Please check out my last blog post telling you an amazing recipe for a classic Indian Dish! Enjoy!


    1. Yum! I'm on my way now to check it out. I am a massive fan of Indian food. It is probably my favourite cuisine.

      Thanks a million!


  3. Fakalofa lahi atu Shreya

    Activity 1:
    Thank you for sharing your honest feelings about what you think it’d be like to be a part of a big family. I can see that although there would be some not so great aspects you would celebrate the positives. I like that you wrote an imaginary paragraph to illustrate how you’d feel, very creative. What do think would be the hardest thing about being part of a big family?

    I am part of a big family myself, being the second eldest of six children. We’d often get stuff on a first come first serve basis, so we had to be quick! Growing up has never been lonely though, that’s one my favourite things about having a big family.

    Activity 2:
    You’ve been diligent about completing your pepeha, I like that you included your school and teacher. Maybe next time you could add in the place you call home. Here is the line you’d use:

    Kei ___________ taku kāinga. (My home is in ________. )

    You could use the suburb or city you live in, mine would say ‘Kei Tāmaki Makaurau taku kāinga’ which means ‘My home is in Auckland’. What would yours say?

    Bonus Activity:
    Thank you for sharing some interesting facts about your family members, you know them very well! Is there something interesting that you all share in common? In my case, all of my family love to watch stand up comedy, when we watch together we get stitches from all the laughing! It’s great.

    Just a reminder that you have a few days to complete as many activities as you can before the Summer Learning Journey programme ends on the 26th of January.

    I look forward to seeing more of your blog posts!

    Toe feiloa’i fo’i,