Monday, 1 January 2018

Summer Learning Journey 4 !

Kia Ora Bloggers,

Happy New Year! A great start to 2018 would be to start with another Summer Learning Journey Activity! Here it comes.....

I was a part of the Hay Park Kapa Haka and it was amazing to see what we achieved in such short time. I have many favourite waiata but my Hay Park Favourite that we made would have to be Papa rehai O hai... My favourite one that everyone knew at school was E to Matou Atua which is really special to our Whaea!

Activity 2

I liked watching all the videos and finding out more! I already knew how to make a Poi so that one was probably 2nd. My favourite game would probably have to be Poi Rakau. Here are the instructions on how to play... 

Poi Rakau
The purpose of the game is to get around the circle and not drop any Rakau. The leader calls to go left or right in a circle and you have to run and catch the Rakau. You can not dig it into the floor. I have been asked to share two rules here they are : 1 person in the middle of the group passes out to the circle.
If the  person passes with their right hand, then the catcher must catch with their left hand and pass to the next person on their left, that person passes back to the middle. Other actions can be added, such as leg lifts or head tilts and the catcher must copy Noises can also be added Jumping actions or clapping before the catch.

Time to rank some performances from Kapa Haka. Let's Go!

1: Tamatea Arikinui at Te Matini : because they sang in very bold ways and their transitions were amazing. The girls and their poi made me speechless! The boys and their singing support was awesome!

2: Te Puku O Te Ika : Their singing was top notch because they were so bold and actually weren't just singing because they were old to. The looks on their faces made it seem like they were enjoying it and they wanted to do it.

3: Te Iti Kahurangi : Their singing was great but it was really noisy and they didn't all sing together. They were good though!


  1. Guten tag Shreya,

    I can see why ‘E To Matou Matua’ might’ve been special to your Whaea after reading the lyrics, I like that you have shared waiata that are special to you and someone you appreciate like Whaea. Perhaps next time you could post the lyrics for each of the waiata so readers could learn the song. I tried to find ‘Papa Rehai O Hai’ but I could not find any information about this waiata anywhere, so please double check the song title because I’d love to learn about it!

    Two of my favourite waiata are called ‘Tiaho Mai Ra’ and ‘E Karanga E Te Iwi E’. I love the melody of ‘Tiaho Mai Ra’ and the lyrics that talk about missing someone very much and I enjoy singing the prideful ‘E Karanga E Te Iwi E’ about how strong people are.

    Thank you for sharing your favourites. I’d love to give you full points for this activity however the activity says that you do have to use google to research some traditional waiata, select one you like most and post why that is. Please edit your post to include these things, so that you may be rewarded full points.

    Poi Rakau sounds like fantastic fun, I think it would be a good fast paced and exciting game to play with friends and family. The rules are great because they make the game a little more challenging, especially when you add in other complex movements. Perhaps next time you could post a video of yourself and a friend or family member playing Poi Rakau (or a clip from youtube).

    I haven’t played Poi Rakau, but one of my favourite Māori games to play is ‘Hei tama tū tama’. If you’re curious, google it to find out more, it reminds me of games I used to play when I was young. Are there any games passed down in your family that you like to play? Let me know if you do in the comment section.

    Your ranking of the Kapa Haka performances was very detailed, I like the reasoning you included, it shows that you were really paying attention to each performance. Perhaps next time you could include some feedforward as to how you think each group could improve for next time. Have you been in Kapa Haka before? How would you make sure you were ready for a big event like ‘Te Matatini’?

    A reminder, please ensure that you blog a separate post for each activity so that I can write detailed comments about your work for each of them. Comments have gotten far too long and difficult to read so please keep that in mind and remember blog separate posts for each activity.

    You’ve almost completed week one’s work, ka pai!

    Toe feiloa’i fo’i,


    1. Hi There Cia,

      Thank you for the amazing advice that you have given me. I will surely work towards those standards in the future posts. Paparehia o Hai is a school song so it wont be on the internet but it may have some other names I am not sure of. I was part of the Hay Park School Kapa Haka and now I will join the Kapa haka in my future schools. Sorry about having all activities in one they will surely be separated next time I do this.

      Thank you ,

  2. Kia Ora Shreya,

    Cadence here from the Summer Learning Journey team. How are you going?

    Activity 1: Wow, you have put a lot of hard work into this post. Ka pai! That’s awesome you are involved in the Kapa Haka group. I was when I was at intermediate. Although, that was many years ago… That sounds like a beautiful waiata.
    Would you be able to tell us what it is about?

    Activity 2: Fantastic job at explaining this game. You did a great job! I would love to see some photos of how it’s played. Have you played this with your class before?

    Activity 3: Ka pai, great reviews of these performances. I agree, the first group did an amazing performance with the poi. Such a beautiful and challenging skill to learn. Do you get to use poi in your Kapa Haka group?

    Keep up the great work Shreya, you are doing so well.

    Cadence :)

    1. Kia Ora Cadence,

      Thank you for your positive comment. The translated lyrics to this song are

      Our tribe is calling to the people

      who have just set foot on this marae

      Bring with you the memories of all our dead

      and so many tears spilling forth nation-wide.

      Look at our people working across the land
      spread out far and wide

      Shaking is the ground, quivering is the sea.

      Oh, the love and the pain within me.

      The ground shakes and quivers, yeah!

      I have never played it but I have seen it being done online on youtube too! I think that it is a cool idea I think that people should play this.

      Yes in the Hay Park School Kapa Haka we used to do a Poi called 'Rona'. This was hard for me as I have never done it before but this worked out and I turned out teaching others how to do it.

      Thank you so much Cadence!

      Blog You Later,

  3. Hello Shreya Ina here,
    I miss you so so much and for a second I was crying all of a sudden because I missed my best friends that went to a different school and I was just asking if you are enjoying yourself at Mount Roskill????? I forgot. Anyways I hope you are reading this and I hope you are gonna enjoy your year.

    Love yah Ina xoxo

    1. Hey Ina,

      I miss you so much! I can't even tell you! I love my new school and literally the whole school knows me! Yeah! Enjoy your year too! Love yah!