Thursday, 26 November 2015

WALT: Use precise nouns to add detail for our reader.

This week in writing we have been using precise nouns to make our writing more specific for the reader.
Something I found hard was changing the nouns to precise nouns. My next steps are to think deeper.
We took a paragraph and changed the nouns from general nouns to precise nouns.

Here is an example.

In the weekend I had to do lots of shopping with my Mum. We went to the shop   dairy to get some food  rose apple lollies. We also went to look for a present for my cousin’s birthday. I had to choose between a doll american doll  and a soft toy  cute teddy bear. After that we went to the shop mall to buy some clothes, I got two new items new jeans and a pair of shoes. Because I had been so good, mum took me to the shop to buy an ice block Popsicle . Lucky me!

Blog you later!

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