Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Art of chicks!

Bula Bloggers,

Today I showed Miss Fortes a piece of my art that I did. This art was about the chicks and I ended up drawing all of them! Miss Fortes said "that's really cool, can you please post it on your blog?". So I said "Sure!". The reason I did this art was so that I would remember the wonderful chicks we had and all those memories. When I was doing this I felt sad and excited. The reason I felt sad was because the chicks have left us to go and live their own independent life. But the reason I was excited was because I wanted to see my masterpiece! This drawing of mine means a lot! We have had the chicks for to week but we are so attracted to them. Every morning I come to school going up the steep ramp and saying in my head, time to see some chicks! Then I see a library corner. Oh and then I remember our chicks have left. Eventually, I will stop (maybe), but I love these chicks! This is probably not the best art I have done but is one of my many favourite art! Enjoy the pictures!

Vinaka Vaka Levu,


Carlos and Cameron

Crystal & Kiwi with a C


All together


  1. Kia orana Shreya. Thank you for sharing your learning. Your blog post had me reminiscing about little chicks in Pohatu class and how exciting it was to walk into the classroom and hear their soft little chirps as they were hatching. They were absolutely gorgeous. Your masterpiece is awesome! How did you draw them with so much detail? Did you use pictures of the chicks for inspiration?

    From Miss Fortes

    1. Bula Vinaka Miss Fortes,

      Firstly, thank you for your wonderful comment, it really made my day. I enjoyed doing this art because of our chicks. Thank you for you kind comments! The way I drew them with detail is if you look at your picture from different angles you can see details and you are able to draw it. I want to give redit to my family because they did support me as I want to give up when it's too hard. I did look at the picture of the chicks to help me draw these cute creatures! Have you ever drawn a chick?