Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Day 3 with THE CHICKS!

Bula Bloggers,

This is day three with the chicks. Enjoy my diary day 3 !

I walked to school so excited to see what happened to the eggs. I thought one was hatched but I cam to find out that... THERE WAS 3! There was one girl and 2 boys. We named them  'Chica, Carlos and Camroon'.  Fehi, Aryan and I sat by the incubator for a long long time. We were waiting for the egg at the front to hatch but meanwhile the one at the back hatched! That was before cyber smart though! After morning tea when Miss Berry was talking about science books one hatched! We now have 5 chicks! The inside of the incubator has eggs shells everywhere. The eggs are always active and then they fall asleep. After 5 minutes they wake up and keep playing. We are very excited to see what happens. I wish the rest of the eggs hatch today or tomorrow. Did you know they all can stand and walk? Next we will need to move the chicks into the incubator. Here are some pictures! Enjoy!
Top view of the incubator with 6 chicks! Chica, Carlos, Camroon, Crystal, Tyson and Coco!
The morning 3 chicks! Carlos, Camroon and Chica

The chicks sitting and looking around in the incubator! Carlos, Camroon, Chica, Crystal and Tyson! 

Vinaka Vaka Levu,


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