Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Day 2 with THE CHICKS!

Bula Bloogers,

Today was day 2 with the chicks. This is my observational diary so far.

I couldn't wait to to come to school to see the chicks. I thought one of the eggs would have hatched. I came to find out that it hadn't hatched but Miss Berry said " I  heard the egg chirp". We got excited! It chirped again the morning. I saw more chicks pipping. We will be excited if it hatch tomorrow. I predict the egg that was cracked first. I think that it is a girl. Also today we had some great news from room 5 and room 9. They had chicks. We went to see Miss Tau's chick. It is a girl. She is very cute but is shivering! We are very excited! 

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