Friday, 9 June 2017

Skateboarding on Thursday and Miller Class Assembly !

Bula Bloggers,


On Thursday we did skateboarding like very Thursday. I really enjoyed skating on a board. I actually fell of the board but didn't get hurt because I had gear on. It was awesome. I needed some help because I am not much of a skater. We had fun with Martin (instructor). I had Dorina and Fehi by my side to support me and help me throughout the session. I had Dorina helping me. It was hard. I think that skating ever week is fun and making me improve in the sessions. 

Adams Class Assembly

On Friday Adams class had an assembly. They started with the National anthem. Adams class is room 2. We had fun throughout the assembly. My favorite thing was the SASA which is a Samoan dance.  They had 8 beats and the beats were amazing. Gabby and Moze came up and showed everyone first and then everyone joined in. We were just doing it with our hand because , we weren't sitting on the ground. Last but not least the student councilors got badges. We were so proud of each other. We actually have badges for every monitor.  YEAH!

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