Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Roskill Decides !

Talofa Lava Blog Viewers,

On Saturday some representatives and kapa haka group from Hay Park School went to Roskill Decides. If you are wondering what Roskill Decides is, let me tell you. Roskill Decides is a programme where community come and vote for which ever group/stall they want. Mrs Archer , Gargee , Nathaniel, Joseph and I were lucky enough to be chosen to speak in front of the audience.  We told the community to vote for us and we gave them reasons. The four representatives also helped Tracey from YMCA Swimming. We sang a song which went in the tune of Jingle Bells, here are the word: Swimming pools, baths and showers beaches river too. Every time you in the water an adult must watch you.  That was the song. After our help we got lollies from her. There were a bunch of cool stalls such as : Toss the Ball and Get a Lolly, MJ's Kitchen , Rubbish Monitors, Community Petrol and so much more. Let's not forget HAY PARK SCHOOL! Hay Park School's Kapa haka group performed there. We had fun. We were called up to the stage because we won funding! We actually won 2,000 Dollars for our school camp. I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who helped with this event and also thank you to the teachers and whanau who came and supported our school. Thank you to Ms Campbell for being there from the start to the finish and helping us with our stall. The biggest thank you that needs to be said is to Mrs Archer for the organization for us. We only had a small amount of time to finish this and she made it possible. Mrs Archer made Saturday so successful just like the team. Thank you to everyone who came along and voted for us. We actually have 61 year 5 and 6 students going. This funding we got on Saturday helped our community and our school families. You guys are amazing. Just before I sign of I would like to give a special thank you to Vitaraag because he isn't going to camp  because he is a year 4 but the help he gave us on Friday and Saturday was unbelievable. Thank you so much Vitaraag!
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Faafetai mo le faitau olioli Samoan gagana vaiaso!,

P.S. It is Samoan language week so I tried to translate somethings!

Faafetai mo le faitau olioli Samoan gagana vaiaso! means Thank you for reading enjoy Samoan  language week!

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