Monday, 19 June 2017

Ports Of Auckland Trip !

Ni Sa Bula Bloggers,

On Tuesday the 13th of June the Hay Park School Seniors went to Ports of Auckland in the city. The parent I was with was Mrs Tofa which is Revival's mum.  Thank you to her. We went into the bus which had speakers. In the bus they had a mike, the bus driver spoke in it , his name was Mikey. I was sitting next to Fehi in the bus it was fun. We kept laughing because in front of us was Ina. She was funny. We were playing the wave game. Which is where you wave to someone and if they reply to you then you have a point. She was waving and no one waved back. "Notice me somebody, come on" she said as she smacked her head on the window. Finally we got there and started walking. We looked at the opening bridge. It actually opened when we were there. I am lucky because I get to see it a lot. We kept walking and the later we had some lunch. We had our lunch at the Cloud. It was really fun. After that we went in the ferry. It was also amazing. We all had a beautiful view of the Harbor Bridge! The best thing about the ferry was seeing the Harbor Bridge. The boat had cushion type seats. The day was fabulous. Thank you to everyone for it. Did you know that the trip was only 3 dollars! That's a once in a life chance.