Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Henderson Class Assembly (the best assembly ever)!

This is my first draft writing on our class assembly that we had on Friday 17th March. Our learning intention was to use adjectives and verbs in our writing. Please take a read of my writing and let me know how I can improve my writing. Also please leave me a positive, thoughtful and helpful comment.

Nga Mihi Nui ,

Valerie proudly holding the Mathletics Award for Hansen Class !

It was just another Friday ( also known as assembly day!) as we were practising our assembly. It was so soon , say about  10 minutes. There were 5 minutes left. I had butterflies fluttering around my stomach. Standing on the stage. It’s nerve- racking! I was apprehensive! I was so scared. I knew first we did the freeze mob. But I was still a little freaked out. So far so good. Paris is Jean Butler and Cara Butler. Simon is Enrico Cecchetti and Michael Jackson. Now 3 more spectacular dancers dance up! Meanwhile Ina and I  are really confused (pretend though). Everyone's up. “ Shreya do you want to join them “ interrogated Ina.
“ Actually Ina, they look like they are having fun, so sure!” I exclaimed. Soon everyone was dancing. We are all enjoying and having fun. ‘Huff’ I went in my mind because , now it was time to do all the speaking. It was okay when I was doing the dance, but now had felt like I had butterflies. I was as scared as a bird smacking on several car tops. ‘I can do this , be resilient ‘ I said to myself inside. “First up we have Ti Rakau” Ina said shy. “For those of you that don’t know …………………” I confidently said. I think I was not shy anymore. I was exhilarating. Explaining Ti Rakau wasn’t a problem. After I did that. We heard BOOM -BOOM -Tap - Tap - Tap!  Fehi, Dorina and Taylor were doing the actual performance. It was fascinating. They had it all! I think they did well because of the massive round of applause.

Student Council
Gargee and Reiko proudly walked up. But they had no tidy kiwi in their empty hands. I wondered where it was. Tyrone walked up with the brown, fluffy tidy kiwi. He slowly handed it over to them. “This week we did tidy kiwi” Gargee vocalized. “The scores were close. But this week's tidy kiwi winner is ……”. “MILLER CLASS !” they both said. Va’a ran up and grabbed the kiwi. He held it up proudly and we all clapped for his class.

Mathletics Award
It was time for Ms Magnificent Musa to give the Mathletics Award. We were all excited because it could go to any class in the whole school (even juniors). We were all lions finding our prey viciously. Our eyes moved as the trophy moved. Right went the trophy, right went our eyes. “ This week it was hard but we do have a winner”said Mrs Musa. “Before I say who the winner, please keep going with Mathletics because everyone is doing well”. “Time for the real deal”. “The winner for this week is HANSEN CLASS! They were all screaming and shouting. We were all kind of sad but kind of happy at the same time. Everyone from Hansen Class put their hands up to receive it. But Valerie was chosen. I think it was because she was the most excited and happy. She scampered to the tall stage. Mrs Musa carefully handed the shiny trophy to Valerie. Valerie held the trophy high and proud. We all clapped and cheered for Hansen class.

Aotearoa Song
It was time to sing the song Aotearoa. We had a great idea of how we're going to do it. “No tawati no tata” Ina sang. That was the start of Aotearoa. She got shy and broke into tears, not a lot but just a little bit. My mum sitting at the back and watching me. Mrs Huse came and took Ina of the golden brown stage. I went solo. I got really scared. But, everything went well after that.

It was time to say goodbye to Hay Park School. “This is the part we haven’t been waiting for, the good bye” I said. “ Thank you for coming to our assembly, we hope you enjoyed it and have a great weekend”. Teachers please take your class when you’re ready. That was the end. We had the song The words greatest went on. Everyone was gone. Me and Mrs Musa were talking while the mischievous class got up (with no one telling them) and started dancing. They were jumping like monkeys. It was quite funny but Mrs Musa said “ Guys, no thanks please take a seat”. We all took a seat and waited. Mrs Musa said “ we did a great assembly and had a lot of fun , it was really funny”. That was the end of the assembly and the end of my writing!

P.S. One day later teacher (including Mrs Archer and Ms Campbell). Came to us and said “ we had a great assembly, it was really really funny”. I think we are all monkeys. :)

Written By: Shreya Reddy
Pictures taken by : Ms V (Veronica Prescott)
PP.S : Hope you enjoyed
Feedback : Fehi Tupou and Ms Musa


  1. Bula Sherya
    I love your writing. You should not put feedback...
    By Aryan

  2. Kia Ora Aryan,
    Thank you for your comment. I didn't understand what you meant by , you should not put feedback.