Friday, 22 September 2017

Tristar Gymnastics!

Bula Bloggers,

Yesterday, 21st of September we went Henderson Class went to Tristar Gymnastics to do our final session. We met Kane and Ethan our instructors. We had a whole gym to our self. We started with the basics such as Forward Rolls, Backward Rolls, Balancing on the pipe, Barrel Room, A whole lot of jumping. That was circuit one. After that we had circuit two where the trampoline was included! I started with the beam because I found it fun. I jumped off and landed in my landing shape (motorbike shape.)  I jumped onto the bouncy trampoline and finished. At the end we all hugged Ethan and Kane said " Great no hugs for me!". We all ran chasing him! He jumped through the foam pit and across the pulling handle bars. He hid a room while we all put on our shoes. I would recommend this to everyone because it was a great experience. 5/5 from me , because everyone will enjoy it there.

Vinaka Vaka Levu,

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